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Will of William Arrington, Isle of Wight County, Virginia,

The Great Book, volume 2, 1715 – 1726, page 69:


In the name of god Amen, I William Arrington, being very sick and weak but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to Almighty God hoping through the merits, death and passion of my saviour Jesus Christ to have free pardon of all my sins and inherit everlasting life, and my body I commit to the ground to be buried decently by me executors hereafter named.

Item. I give unto my loving som Arthur Arrington the plantation whereon I now live and all the land belonging to the said plantation being two hundred forty acres to him my said son and to his heirs lawfully begotten of his body forever, and if my said son should die having no such issue, the said land and plantation to return to my son William Arrington and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever.

Imprimis: I give unto my loving son John Arrington the plantation whereon he now lives and the one half of the land belonging to it, and after my said son John’s decease, I give the said land and plantation unto my grandson William Arrington and to his heirs forever. I give unto my son John forty shillings current money.

Imprimis: I give unto my loving son Benjamin Arrington the other remaining half of the said tract, dividend or parcel of land which is joining to my son John’s, to him my said son and his heirs forever, his brother John helping him to clear six thousand cow hills on the said land and to assist him to build a dwelling house twenty-five feet long and sixteen feet wide.

I give unto my daughter Mary Sykes two ewes and lambs and one cow and calf.

I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Crumpler one cow.

Item. I give unto my daughter Sarah Riggan one cow.

Imprimis: I give unto my daughter Ann Arrington six head of cattle, three of the said cattle being already under her mash. I give to my said daughter Ann one new feather bed with all the furniture thereunto belonging, two pewter dishes, one dozen of pewter spoons and a chest and one young mare.

Item. I give unto my granddaughter Ann Riggan one cow and calf, two pewter dishes, one basin.

Imprimis: I give unto my son Benjamin Arrington two cows and calves and two heifers of two year old, one horse that is called his, one feather bed and furniture now belonging to it which he lies on himself.

Item. I give unto my son Arthur one feather bed and furniture belonging to it, two cows and calves, two heifers of two year and a horse or mare, when he comes to the age of sixteen years.

And all the rest of my estate I give unto my dear and loving wife Elizabeth Arrington during her natural life or widowhood, and that my negro John labour and be unto my wife during her natural life or widowhood and at her death or marriage to be delivered to my son Benjamin Arrington, and also at her death or marriage all the rest of my estate be equally divided amongst all my children.

Upon second thought, I give and bequeath unto my son William Arrington my horse, arms, and rapier, a cow and five pounds current money.

I do appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Arrington and two of my sons John and Benjamin my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament, revoking and making void all other wills heretofore made by me.

In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal to this my last will and testament being contained in half a sheet of paper this 4th day of May, 1725.

William Arrington (Seal)


Signed, sealed and delivered

In presence:

James Cooper

John Dunkley

Executed and truly recorded

Test: James Jagles (?), Cl. Cur.

Provided by: Dorothy Butler Truitt

Will of Archibald Holmes

In the name of God Amen. I Archibald Holms of the County of Cumberland of the State of North Carolina being weak in body, but of sound memory (blessed by God) do this Day make and publish this my first Will and Testament in manner following (That is to Say)-First I give my son Jas the (Negro Virgil); and Negroe Tom I give for the use and service of my wife Elizabeth Holms until my son Archibald is of age, then Tom is to be equally Shared between Mary McKithin and Hannah Hadly, and then Negroe Jack to come in Tom's room and so remain and continue with my wife Elizabeth for life, and after her Decease the said Negroe Jack to be equally Divided between my sons Archibald and George; also I give Negroe Rose an Hanna to my wife During natural life, and after her Decease the aforesaid Negroe girls and their issue if there will be any to be equally Divided among all my wife's children. Archibald and Jean and Peggy and George and Sarah and also the land wherein I now live I give to my wife During her natural life and after her Decease the said land to be equally divided between my sons Archibald and George Holms. Also, I give my Wife Elizabeth Holms all household stuff and furniture and all the utensils belong to me on the plantation all to be at her Disposal as she thinks proper; also all the rest and Residue of my Chattels I Personal Estate whatsoever I give to my said Wife Elizabeth Holms and I make and ordain her my said Wife sole Administratrix of this my Will in trust for the intents and purposes in this my will contained, and in Witness Whereof I the said Archibald Holmes have this my Will and Testament set my Hand and Seal, the 22nd Day of July 1796.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered by the [s]Archibald Holms

Said Archibald Holmes, as for his First

and Last Will and Testament in the Presence

of us who were present at the

signing and sealing thereof:


[s]John Blue (Buie)

[s]Edward McMillian

Division of Estate of Archibald Holmes

State of North Carolina

The undersigned and Subscribers being appointed by the last Cumberland County Court to divide the personal Estate of Archibald Holmes of said County deceased among his heirs, to wit: Archibald, Jane, Margaret, George, and Sarah, agreeable to his Will and having convened at the Plantation of the late deceased and the heirs that are of age being present and those underage being present by their Guardians, and having viewed the Negroes belonging to said Estate we Report as follows that is to say we value Negroes...

Rose at the sum of three hundred and forty dollars.............$340

Jack at four hundred dollars.................................................$400

Grace, a girl, at one hundred and ninety dollars...................$190

Tom, a boy, at one hundred and ninety dollars....................$190

George, a boy, at one hundred and sixty dollars..................$160

Total Value $1280.00

Making one heirs share two hundred and fifty dollars............................$250

And that we have allotted and delivered over said Slaves at their several valuations to the heirs as follows. Rose to Jane Holmes, Jack to George Holmes, Grace to John Crumpler and his wife Margaret, Tom to Archibald Homes and George to Sarah Holmes, making those who have the more valuable dividends chargeable to those of inferior values, and the said several sums on account of the more valuable Dividends to bear interest from the date of this division, to wit: Jane Holmes to pay into the hands of Robert Dyer Guardian for Sarah Holmes, the sum of eighty four dollars. George Holmes by his Guardian Archibald Holmes on account of his more valuable dividend to pay into the hands of Robet Dyer, Guardian of Sarah Holmes, twelve dollars. The said Archibald Holmes, Guardian a aforesaid, to his brother George to pay to John Crumpler the husband of Margaret Holmes, sixty sis dollars an amount of said George's more valuable dividend and further that the said George's more valuable dividend pay to his Brother's Guardian Archibald Holmes the sum of sixty sis dollars, the Balance due of his more valuable dividend. The committee observes that they have proceeded no further in dividing the residue of the Estate which consists of some cattle and household stuff as there are some debts against the Estate which are unsatisfied and as they conceive will about take that property to satisfy the same. ----Given under our hands and seals...........March the Second day 1807.

[s] John Dickson

X Word

[s] H. Webster

Provided by: Mary Grasso

Abstract from Will of Matthew Rayford
Bladen County

July 21, 1752.  April Court, 1758.  Sons: Matthew, Robert, William and Phillip.  Daughters: Mary, Anne, Mourning, Rebeckah, Grace and Drusilla.  Wife and Executrix: Mourning.  Executor: Isaac Bush.  Witnesses: Margaret Armstrong, Frank Armstrong, and Thomas Jones.  Clerk of the Court of Cumberland County: James Simpson.

From the book: "Abstract of Wills, 1690 - 1760. North Carolina"

Abstract from Will of John Blackman
Bertie County

November 19, 1736.  November Court, 1736.  Wife: Sarah.   Sons: John, Bennet, Arthur, Joseph, Steaven.  Daughter: Elizabeth.   Executors: Bennet Blackman (son) and Theophilus Williams.  Witnesses: William Taylor, Arthur Maikdsunace, Phebe Jernigan.  Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns.

From the book: "Abstract of Wills, 1690 - 1760. North Carolina"

Abstract from Will of Nicholas Blackman
Bertie Precinct

August 26, 1730.  March 11, 1730.  Wife: Allison.   Sons-in-law: George Smith and William Smith.  Executrix: Allison Blackman (wife).  Witnesses: Edwd. Collins, Richard Morre, James Baker.  Will proven before Geo. Burrington, Governor.

From the book: "Abstract of Wills, 1690 - 1760. North Carolina"

Abstract from Will of William Kinchen
Edgecomb County

November 6, 1758.  December Court, 1758.  Sons: John (land on the river adjoining Craghill), William ("remainder of my land").   Daughters: Martha, Elizabeth, Mary and Temperance.  Executors: Blake Baker, Henry Dawson (brothers), John Kinchen (son).  Witnesses: Henry Campbell, Peter Jones, William Moore.  Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort.

From the book: "Abstract of Wills, 1690 - 1760. North Carolina"

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