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The Crumpler Branch of My Family Tree

Joan White Uhlar, 1999

There are many Crumplers in the Federal Censuses, in the Marriage Records of Isle of Wight County, 1628 – 1800 and a William Crumpler is mentioned many times in the Newport Parish Vestry Book, Isle of Wight County, Va. 1742 – 1772. In fact, there are so many Crumplers that I have had difficulty in documenting just who was who.

The name , Crumpler, is English and the first Crumpler in our family line was William Crumpler ( # 1 is the designation I give him to keep the different William Crumpler generations separate) who was born about 1650 in Almer, Dorcetshire, England. I do not know when he came to the U.S. but he died in 1727 in Isle of Wight County, Va.

Generation 1 William Crumpler (#1) had , at least, one child:

William Crumpler (#2), b. about 1680 and d. between 1770 and 1775 in Southhampton Co., Va.

Gen. 2 William (#2) married Elizabeth Rayford in 1694 in Isle of Wight Co. They had , at least, 2 children.

Children of William Crumpler #2 and wife Elizabeth Rayford:

(a) William Crumpler (#3) b. about 1700 - d. Aug. 7, 1761 (Source for death date – Will Book, Isle of Wight Co.,Va. Will recorded Nov. 14, 1771)

Married Elizabeth Arrington June 23, 1724, Isle of Wight Co.,Va.


  • Beasant b. about 1730 –d. Oct. 1795 Southampton Co.,VA

  • Sarah

  • Dorothy

  • Eliz.

  • Ann

  • Lucy

  • Cherry

  • Mary

  • William b. 1726

  • Benj. b. 1730 – d. 1787

  • John b. 1730

Our direct line is through William (#2) and Eliz. Rayford’s second son, John

(b) John Crumpler b. 1712, Isle of Wight Co. d. Apr. 1782 Duplin Co., N.C.

John married Nancy Holmes, 1749, Isle of Wight Co., VA

Gen. 3. John and Nancy Crumpler

They had , at least, one child, Edmund Crumpler

Gen. 4 Edmund Crumpler b. ? - d. July 2, 1791( Source: Abstracts of Wills, Isle of Wight Co., VA 1647 – 1800, by Blanche Chapman )

Edmund Crumpler married Mary Pierce.

Edmund and Mary’s children:

  • Kinchen

  • Matthew b. ? d. 1835

  • John married Molly Britt

  • Mary

  • Grace married Edwin Beal

  • Samuel

  • Meriam

Source for the above material:

  • 1. Gloria Vester’s Crumpler Family Research

  • 2 Caryl Graham’s Crumpler Family Research

My line continues through Edmund and Mary’s son, Matthew (#1) Crumpler

Gen 5. Matthew Crumpler ( #1) b. ? d. 1835 and wife Mourning.

Matthew and Mourning’s children

  • Joseph B.
  • Matthew (#2) b. 1816
  • John
  • Lydia
  • Mary L.
  • Caroline
  • Caty
  • Nancy
  • Tempy

Their son, Matthew (#2) is my direct ancestor

Gen. 6 Matthew Crumpler (#2) b. 1816 and his wife #1 Jemina Saunders are my Great Great Great Grandparents. I have a little more information about Matthew and Jemina than I was able to find on their parents.

Matthew Crumpler (#2) , born in 1816, Southampton County,VA married wife #1, Jemina Saunders on April 15, 1840. Jemina’s parents were Elias P. Saunders and Elizabeth Roberts ( their marriage date is Dec. 1, 1817) Source: Isle of Wight Co., Va. Marriage Bonds)

Matthew and Jemina’s children:

  • Julius Benj. b.1845-d. 1926

  • John Robert b. about 1848 - d. after 1900 Census - See separate Chapter

  • (John is our direct ancestor & Gen. #7, his dau. Genevra Crumpler Hingerty is Gen. #8, her daughter, Lola Hingerty Seymore is Gen. # 9, her dau. Lillian Seymore White is Gen # 10, her daus.

  • Joan White Uhlar & Marguerite White Jones are Gen. # 11 and their children are Gen. # 12)

  • William Joseph b.about 1853 –d. about 1930

  • Matthew b. 1856-d.1856.

May 20, 1843 Matthew Crumpler and wife, Jemina, sell 134 acres for $1,025. To Eley Pearce

Source Deed Book, Isle of Wight Co., VA - information from Paul Stewart who descends through same line.

1850 Census, Isle of Wight Co.,Va.

  • Crumpler, Matthew age 34

  • Crumpler, Jemina 29

  • Crumpler, Julius Benj. 5

  • Crumpler, John R. 2

  • Crumpler, Thomas 18 ( who is he ? too old to be Jemina’s son )

  • Griffin, Eliz. 25

June 17, 1856: Jemina Saundrs Crumpler, age 35, died of " childbed " as did female infant. Husband is Matthew Crumpler and his occupation is mechanic.

Source Deaths, Mortality Tables, Isle of Wight County, VA (Info. Sent to me by Paul Stewart )

Matthew then married Rowena Turner.

1870 Census, Isle of Wight Co., VA

  • Crumpler, Matthew age 54 farmer

  • Crumpler, Rowena wife 49

  • Crumpler W.J. ? 17 ( do not know who he is )

  • Crumpler, George son 10 (these last 3 children are by 2nd wife, Rowena)

  • Crumpler Matthew son 8

  • Crumpler, Gemina (?) dau. 5

In the same 1870 Census I found two of Matthew’s sons by his first wife, Jemina. Julius Benjamin and his brother, John R, are both married and with their wives ( who are sisters) are living in the same house.

1870 Census, Chuckatuck Dist., Nansemond Co., Va. pg. 298

  • Crumpler, Benj. 28 farmer

  • Crumpler Mary F. wife 27

  • Crumpler, Georgette dau. 1

  • Crumpler, John R. 22 laborer (John & Lucy are my Great Great Grandparents)

  • Crumpler, Lucy wife 15

Back to Matthew and Rowena :

1880 Census, Chuckatuck Dist., Nansemond Co., Va

  • Crumpler, Matthew 65 wheelright

  • Crumpler, Rowena wife 59

  • Crumpler, George son 21 works on farm

  • Crumpler, Matthew W. son 18 works on farm

  • Crumpler, Gemina (?) dau. 15

  • Turner, Mauley 55 single female ( who is she? Rowena’s maiden name is Turner

  • Davis, Jefferson 21 black laborer, works on farm

The 1890 Census was almost all lost by fire and I have no further records on Matthew and Rowena. I haven’t found a Last Will/ Testament. I go on to Matthew’s son by Jemina Saunders, John Robert Crumpler.

My Great Great Grandparents

Gen. 7 John R. Crumpler

John R. Crumpler married Lucy Betsie Pearce on Dec. 19, 1869. Her parents are named Patrick Peirce and Lucy Gay. ( Patrick and Lucy’s marriage date is June 24, 1831 and is on file in Isle of Wight Co., VA Marriage Records. ) John and his brother Julius Benj , married sisters and shared a house for a time, (see 1870 Census).

1870 Census, Isle of Wight Co., Va. ( Reel 593, page 298- Zuni Station)

  • Crumpler, Benj. age 28 Farmer
  • Crumpler, Mary F. 29 Wife
  • Crumpler, John R. 22 Laborer
  • Crumpler, Lucy 15
  • Crumpler, Georgette 1

1880 Census, Chuckatuck, Va. Nansemond County ( page 55)

  • Crumpler, John R 41 (my Great Great Grandfather
  • Crumpler, Betsie wife 35 & Grandmother)
  • Crumpler, Ginevra dau. 10 (my Great Grandmother)
  • Crumpler, Josephine dau 8
  • Crumpler John son 6 months

1900 Census , Isle of Wight Co., Newport Dist. ( page 18, # 369 )

  • Crumpler, John R. 52 Widower born Jan. 1848 , Va. farmer
  • Crumpler, Irene 15 dau. May 1885 Va. single
  • Crumpler, Nellie 13 dau. Apr. 1887 Va. single
  • Crumpler, Frank Allen 9 son May 1891 Va. single
  • Matthews, Luther 27 Boarder June 1873
  • Scott, Ben 18 Boarder Apr. 1882 Negro, farm laborer
  • Gordon, Charles 13 Boarder May 1887 Negro, Oysterman

By 1900, John’s daughter Genevra Crumpler, has married George W. Hingerty and is not living at home with her father.

According to information I obtained from records at the Oakland Christian Church, the following is a list of the children of Lucy Peirce and her husband, John Crumpler. :

Lucy Pearce and John Crumpler's children:

  • Ginevra ( married George W. Hingerty ) My great grandmother
  • Josephine ( married George L. Edwards )
  • Lucy ( married Billy Hyatt )
  • Sarah (Bettie ) Eliz. ( married Ben Powell )
  • Nellie ( married Tom Powell )
  • Addie ( married Wilbur Evans, their daughter, Pearl married Clinton Russell )
  • Irene ( married Webster Larkin of Norfolk; their daughter was named Elsie )
  • Frank Allen ( married ? , born May, 1891 – died 1985, Norfolk, Va. )

John and Lucy are buried in the cemetery of the Oakland Christian Church at Suffolk (Chuckatuck) in the same section as their daughter Genevra Crumpler and her husband Georgw Washington Hingerty. The large headstone says " Hingerty ". The small headstones for John and Lucy gives their names but no dates.

John’s half-brother, Matthew , is buried behind these stones . His stone is engraved :

M. W. Crumpler

Nov. 5, 1863 - July 27, 1948

From my mother, Lillian Seymore White, I knew some of our Crumplers were buried in the Oakland Christian Church Cemetery on Route 10 , Godwin Boulevard, Chuckatuck, Va. A visit to the cemetery located the graves of Lucy and John Crumpler in the same section as their daughter, Ginevra Crumpler Hingerty, and her husband, George Washington Hingerty. Not far behind them were the graves of Julius Benjamin Crumpler and his wife, Mary F. When my Grandmother Lola Hingerty Seymore was living, she always organized a trip to the Oakland Christian Church on the first Sunday of May to lay flowers at her parents' graves. This was always followed by a family reunion - picnic. The last one I attended was probably in the late 1950 s and the picnic was at the country home of Pearl and Clinton Russell.

I wrote to the secretary of the Oakland Christian Church asking for any information on these families and their response contained the following information .

John R. and Benjamin were brothers and their father's name was Matthew Crumpler. They had married sisters, Mary Frances and Lucy Peirce, the daughters of Lucy Gay and Patrick Peirce. This confirmed information shared with me by contact on the Internet, Paul Stewart, who was also researching the Crumplers. I am certain that he and I are distantly related. He confirmed much of what I knew and added some marriage records that I did not have.

Gen. 8 Ginevra Crumpler and George W. Hingerty

I don't know how or when Ginevra Crumpler met George W. Hingerty but they were married on December 22, 1887 in Nansemond County, Virginia. George was a 21 year old oysterman and Ginevra was 16 years old.

It is not surprising that George was a waterman, after all, his father had made his living on the sea. George went to work on boats when he was 15 years old. Oystering is backbreaking work ; George wanted something more. He wanted his own boat and he got it.

His boat, the " Sandy Hook ", was a two masted schooner, with a 3 man crew, which included the cook, Shorty. George hauled freight aboard the Sandy Hook with trips as far away as Baltimore, Maryland hauling great stalks of bananas, barrels of flour and lard and all sorts of produce that he had contracted to deliver to various stops on the way home to North Carolina. With a home base at Elizabeth City, he went up the Great Dismal Swamp Canal to Norfolk and on up the Elizabeth River and the James. Sometimes he used the Chesapeake / Albemarle Canal through the Currituck Sound, Coinjock , North Carolina and the locks at Great Bridge, Va. to Norfolk. Ginevra went with him, at times. His sons worked on the boat when they were old enough.

Driving down to Elizabeth City, N.C. on Route 17 today, with the Dismal Swamp Canal bordering the road, it is hard to imagine the canal as a busy commercial boat route. One sees an occasional small boat plying the water. The swamp, with its bears, snakes, bobcats, and eerie legends looks impenetrable and mysterious. In 1906 over 340,000 tons of freight was carried on the canal. My Great Grandfather and the Sandy Hook were part of that trade.

I don't know when George and Ginevra moved to Elizabeth City, N.C. but their daughter, Lola, was born in Suffolk, Va. in 1892 while the other daughter, Ginevra, was born in Elizabeth City in 1908.

My mother says that Ginevra Crumpler was named after a young girl in a portrait by Leonardo Di Vinci. The painting, " Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci " is at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.. Her parents must have seen a print of it somewhere.

George and Ginevra had seven children, but two, Ellen and Warren, died young. Ginevra stayed in contact with her relatives and friends in Virginia and her daughter, Lola, was close to many cousins in the Suffolk area.

Ginevra kept her Autograph / Friendship Album, with it's many poems and messages of friendship from people she knew in Chuckatuck and Benns' Church, Virginia. The pages have fallen apart and the writing has faded but one can still read the quaint messages of long ago.

Several of interest :

1. " Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on his gentle breast, there by his love oreshaded, Sweetly my soul shall rest.

Written by a friend who wanted to marry you. - C.W.P. "

2. " Apples are good, Peaches are better . If you love me, please answer this letter. - Clarence W. Pitt "

3. " When your days on earth are ended, And the path no longer trod, May your name in gold be written,

In the Autograph of God.

George W. Hingerty "

Many are dated 1887, when Ginevra was about 16 years old. One is signed - A.G. Sacham , your teacher.

Ginevra developed tuberculosis and died in Norfolk in February 1913. I have a postal card, dated Jan 21, 1913, that Ginevra Crumpler Hingerty mailed from Norfolk to her son, Robert Heckle Hingerty, in Elizabeth City, N.C.

The faded card reads :

" How are you fairing ? I am making out o.k. Am very nervous. Pardie going back to NC with guano. All are well. Tell everbody hallo. I can't write to no one yet. Best wishes to all. by by , Mama "

( The word " Pardie" has faded and is hard to read)

After his wife's death, George Hingerty arranged to have his children live with his oldest daughter, Lola, and her husband, Ed, while he continued to haul freight on the " Sandy Hook " , sleeping on the boat when he was in home port. His children would taken care of by the older sister as Martha had taken care of him and his siblings. His daughter, Lola, had married Ed Seymore. Lola and Ed's family was now greatly increased in size. Lola's daughter, Lillian, was about 4 years old and now Lola had her sister, Dollie, ( who was a year older than Lillian ), her younger brothers Leonard and Floyd, and her older brother, Robert, living with her. George Hingerty made sure that Lola had enough money to care for his children with charge accounts all over Elizabeth City. Through his and Lola's efforts they kept the Hingerty children together.

Ginevra and George Hingerty's children:

  • Robert Heckle. 1890 Nov 1917

  • Lola Mae July 2, 1892 May 14, 1961

  • George Leonard 1894 1966

  • Floyd Matthew 1904 1956

  • Ginevra Elizabeth July 12, 1908 (living in Norfolk, VA)

Robert Heckle Hingerty was born in Virginia, I believe. He married Minnie Baum, who was from Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Robert may have been working on his Father's boat and met Minnie when the boat was in Wanchese, N.C. Being in the Naval Reserve, he was called to active duty during World War I. He was sent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard , New York where he caught pneumonia. His wife and father must have been very concerned that he was ill so far from home and his father made the trip to New York to see him. Robert died in Nov. 1917. He was buried in Wanchese, N.C. on his daughter's second birthday.

Robert and Minnie named their daughter, Ginevra Doris. She can be seen , as a baby / toddler, in many of the old snapshots my Mother had saved. Doris married, and lives in Norfolk, Va. She had a daughter, Mary.

George Leonard Hingerty married Retta Williams and lived in Newport News, Va. for many years and died in Florida. There were no children.

Floyd Heckle Hingerty married Vergie Jennings , lived in Newport News, VA, died at age 52 years and had no children. I think he was born in Elizabeth City, N.C. after his parents left Virginia. Floyd was an ardent fisherman and in many of the old snapshots he is holding his catch of fish. With his dark hair and mustache he always reminded me, as a child, of Clark Gable.

Ginevra Elizabeth Hingerty was born in Elizabeth City, N.C. in 1908. Her family knew her as "Dollie". Ginevra was about 5 years old when her Mother died. As a young girl, living in Norfolk with her older sister, Lola, Dollie worked for the telephone company. She married Edward Liles, of Norfolk, Va. and still lives there.

Dollie and Eddie's children :

  • Shirley Jean,.....married, lives in Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

  • Genevra,......... married, lives in Norfolk, Va.

  • Robert,.......... single, lives in Norfolk.

Lola Mae Hingerty ( my grandmother) was born in Suffolk in 1892. After moving to North Carolina, Lola met and later married Edward Seymore in Elizabeth City in 1908.

George Hingerty never remarried after losing Genevra, . I heard that he had several lady friends but he once remarked that he would never remarry because of his children. He was quite a dashing man with his large mustache and dark eyes. After he was older and quit living and working on the boat, he worked with his son – in – law, Ed Seymore, who had a service station in the Campostella section of Norfolk, Va. George died in Norfolk, Va. in 1923.

Gen. 9. Lola Hingerty born July 2, 1892, died May14, 1961

Edward Seymore always said he married the prettiest girl in Elizabeth City, N.C. After seeing photos of Lola as a young girl, one would have to agree with him. Lola and Ed were married in 1908 in Elizabeth City, N.C.

Even with financial help for their greatly expanded family, it was quite an undertaking for Lola and Ed to take in her brothers and sister. Lola sewed summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in summer. Even underwear was made at home. There were no convenience foods to make meal preparation easy. You cooked " from scratch ". Washing and ironing must have been a backbreaking job and Lola had a hired girl to help at times. Lola and Ed moved back and forth between Elizabeth City, N.C. and Norfolk, Va. several times

Lola and Ed led an active church life in the Baptist Church. They also were very social and enjoyed cards, especially Bridge, jokes, parties and things I don’t think of as Baptist. For Lola and Ed the perfect vacation was fishing at Nags Head, N.C. Both were avid fishermen and spent many summers at a cottage near Jennette's Pier, Nags Head, N.C. While in Norfolk, they had a standing reservation to fish on one of the fishing boats out of Ocean View, Norfolk, Va. Lola was an outstanding cook, famous for her banana cake and sweet potato pudding. Like many southern women, cooking for a large dinner party did not intimidate her at all. Her table would sparkle with china, silver and crystal and fabulous food. While she lived, she was the one who had the whole family for the Family Christmas Dinner.

Ed and Lola made many visits to Roanoke Island and there are old photos of Lola and cousins, children on the sand dunes at Nags Head....fully dressed in long skirts and hats.

Lola was a young girl with " spunk ". She could roll up her sleeves and do what needed to be done. She was a tom boy but was feminine also. She loved those big floppy hats with flowers but she would bait her own hook when fishing. She was devoted to Ed and her children. She was the glue that held the extended family together.

Lola and Ed Seymore's Children,

  • Lillian Mae

  • George Oscar

  • Lola Mae

Gen 10. Lillian Mae Seymore ( My Mother )

born May 19, 1909 in Elizabeth ,City, N.C.

Married John Glenn White on Oct. 2, 1926 , Norfolk, Va.

Their children :

  • Joan Glenn White

  • Marguerite Susan White

  • John Glenn White, Jr.

Gen. 11. A. Joan Glenn White, born June 7, 1932 (I married John G Uhlar)

Our children :

  • John George Uhlar, Jr.

  • Robert Richard Uhlar

  • Joanne Marie Uhlar

  • Laurel Ann Uhlar

  • Suzanne Glenn Uhlar

B. Marguerite Susan White, born January 18, 1934 (married Norman Jones )

Their children:

  • Todd Norman Jones

  • Daniel Bennett Jones

  • Spencer Allen Jones

  • Allen Andrew Jones

C. John Glenn White, Jr. born Aug. 6, 1949, died May 22, 1992

I did some research on John R. Crumpler’s Brother, Julius Benj. Crumpler

John R. Crumpler’s Brother, Julius Benj. Crumpler

Julius Benjamin Crumpler was born on Oct. 30, 1845. He died Mar. 5, 1902. His wife, Mary Pearce, was born on Feb. 8, 1842 and died on Jan. 18, 1926.

Source: Their tombstones ( Lot 20 ) and cemetery records at Oakland Christian Church, Suffolk, Va.

Julius Benjamin Crumpler married Mary F..Pearce ( widow ) on Jan. 3, 1870 . Her parents are Patrick Pearce and Lucy Gay.

Source: Isle of Wight Co., Va. Marriage Bonds

1870 Census, Isle of Wight Co., VA Zuni Station ( page 298 )

  • Crumpler, Benj. 28 farmer
  • Crumpler, Mary F. 29 wife
  • Crumpler, John R. 22 brother, Laborer
  • Crumpler, Lucy 15 sis. In law
  • Crumpler, Georgette 1 dau.

1880 Census, Chuckatuck, Va. Nansemond County ( page 7 )

  • Crumpler, Julius B. 39 farmer
  • Crumpler, Mary F. wife 38
  • Crumpler, Charles H. son 4
  • Crumpler, William L. son 2
  • Crumpler Georgette dau. 10
  • Crumpler, Elnora dau. 8
  • Crumpler, Mary S. dau. 6
  • Crumpler, Lucie E. dau. 2 months

Mary F. Pierce and Julius Benjamin Crumpler's children :

  • Georgette (born about 1870, married ??? Edwards )
  • Eleanora (born about 1872, died at 14 years of age in 1886 )
  • Mary Sue ( born about 1874, married ??? Martin )
  • Charles H. ( born about 1876 married Olivia Powell died about 1898 )
  • William L. ( born about 1878 married Lucy Virginia Pierce died Oct 1, 1904, age 26 )
  • Lucie E. ( born about 1880 )
  • Lillie C ( married W.C. Matthews )
  • Rosa L ( married ??? Oliver )

I wondered if Julius Benjamin had served in the Confederate States Army. His brother, John, would have been too young but Julius Benjamin’s age seemed just right. The National Archives, Wash. D.C. suggests a search of Civil War Pension Records before reading Roster Rolls as usually more efficient. They then go on to point out that the Archives has only Federal Pension / Roster Records. Pensions for service in the Confederate military forces were authorized by the individual southern states. After the south surrendered there was no central record keeping agency with each state managing it's own records. Many southern records were lost.

I found a Pension Application submitted by Julius Benjamin Crumpler in November ,1922 under the Act of 1902. The original Application Form # 4 has been microfilmed.

Julius Benjamin Crumpler's application states:

He is 78 years old at time of filing application , living at 1122 27th Street, Newport News, Virginia. He enlisted at Isle of Wight County, Virginia in March 1863 and left the service in April, 1865. He swears that he served in Pickett's Div., Capt. Sam Small's Squad. He has obtained the required notarized signatures of two former " comrades who served with you " , B.F. Griffin and B.P. Chapman, also the notarized signature of a physician, W.P. Knight, M.D., who attests that Crumpler is physically unable to do any work citing " arteriosclerosis, chronic nephritis, general disability, unable to work ". Crumpler writes that he was a farmer but he cannot work now. He mentions that he had not filed for a pension before, but " was in The Soldier's Home and got $ 2. a month for six months , then $ 3. a month for two months . Have not filed for Pension before. ". The Commissioner of Revenue , Newport News, Va. attests that the applicants land and personal property value is zero.

Source: Confederate Pension Files - State of Virginia, Microfilm Reel # 172, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va.

Thinking about this request for a pension I wondered what Julius Benjamin found when he came home in 1865. Confederate veterans came home to a land devastated by war. I believe that we can hardly comprehend their situation. We don't think of Americans as ever defeated. After Lee's surrender, soldiers faced a difficult journey home across a war torn area. Federal troops had destroyed most of the railway lines leaving thousands of southern foot soldiers to straggle home by foot, one by one or in little groups. They were without money to pay for food or lodging, because, unlike the Union soldier, most had not been paid nor were given any mustering out pay. Many made the difficult journey home to find their families destitute, their farms plundered, livestock gone and rising prices for anything left to buy.

The people of Richmond began to see large numbers of Confederate soldiers passing through, returning from Union prisons in abject poverty. The returning soldiers, wearing their banned tattered uniforms, were in dire need of shoes and clothing. These items were costly and in short supply. Any Johnny Reb caught with his uniform on was stopped by street guards who had military orders to cut off all brass buttons and insignia of the Confederate Army. Most southern veterans continued to wear any part of the uniform they possessed out of necessity. Many, like Julius, came home and resumed their lives. He farmed and raised his family. Finally, in old age, he asked Virginia if his sacrifice entitled him to a pension from the state that had encouraged him to enlist.

Julius and his wife, Mary F. are buried at the Oakland Christian Church Cemetery, Suffolk, Va. near his brother, John. A large stone, overlooking smaller head stones, is engraved " Crumpler " . The stones in this lot are engraved :

Mary F. Crumpler Julius B. Crumpler

  • Wife of J.B. Crumpler
  • Feb. 8, 1842 Oct. 30, 1845
  • Mar. 5, 1902 Jan. 18 , 1926
  • William L. Crumpler ( son of Julius & Mary )
  • Mar. 14, 1878 - Oct. 1, 1904
  • Hattie Crumpler Crumpler
  • 1905 – 1972 Charlie H. Maude O.
  • 1898 1898 - 1962

I believe Charlie H. and Maude are grandchildren of Mary F. & Julius B. Crumpler


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