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This site is owned by a group of Crumpler descendants who have joined resources to provide a common place for all genealogists who are researching or interested in the Crumpler surname and all related lines.  This home page will be the starting point from which you can access different web pages owned by members of our group.  We all have met through the Internet and share our common search for our ancestors and the rich heritage of the Crumpler families throughout the world.

If you join the Crumpler mailing list (below) you can send your query or message to all of this site's owners at once, plus close to 100 Crumpler researchers. 

If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact the owner of the database or page in question and not the webmaster.  I am no longer doing genealogy research and can not answer questions or do research for you.  I will continue to maintain the web site so that the information here might help others.  The best way to get information is to join the mailing list below or contact one of the researchers listed on the "Contact Us" page.  Thank you for your consideration.  Gloria Crumpler Vester


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Not all information and data presented in this web site has been documented and proven.  As with all Internet related genealogy, you should use this information strictly to help in your search but always check the sources and document your findings.  No claims are made as to the accuracy of this data.

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