Crumpler Photos and Personal Stories

This page contains photos and personal family stories of different lines of the Crumpler family.

Provided by: D'Auan King McNeel

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John Asa Crumper and Mary Elizabeth Bailey Crumpler

The following obituary appeared in a local newspaper upon John Crumpler's death:


After an illness of four months, the immortal spirit of J.A. Crumpler left its tenement of clay, called a home by the angels of heaven in the quiet morning hours of April 27, 1926, surrounded by his loved ones and friends. His passing to the new and brighter life was as peaceful as the gentle zephyrs that fanned his brow--a fitting and most florious close to a long and useful life spent in going good to his fellow man and faithfully serving the God to whom he acknowledged all allegiance.

He was born in AL, September 26, 1865. Ten children blessed this union, eight of whom are living to mourn the going away of a loving father. He became a christian in early life; united with the Methodist church, and was a zealous and faithful member to the end. He was liberal with his time and liberal with his money, never allowing the obligations of his church to go unpaid. Maple Springs, the beautiful little church that stands among the oaks near his home, would not have been but for the liberality of this good man. It stands there today as a monument to his splendid christian life.

His work on earth is now finished and he is among the redeemed of the church above. We laid his body to rest underneath a bed of beautiful flowers, in the little Cemetery that he had cared for so tenderly so many years. Servant of God, well done, Rest from thy loved employ; The battle's fought, the victory won, Enter the Master's Joy. Daughter

The inscription on his tombstone read: "His works were kindness, his deeds were love, his spirit humble, he rests above." John Asa Crumpler's father was born in Virginia and his mother was born in NC according to census records. He moved to TX in 1853.

He married Mary Elizabeth BAILEY, daughter of John W. BAILEY & Huldah HOUSEWORTH, 26 Oct 1865. Born 9 Mar 1850 in Georgia. Died 6 Feb 1934 in Winnsboro, Wood Co, TX. Buried in Maple Springs Cemetery, Wood Co, TX.

from DAuan crump.doc.jpg (18916 bytes)
John Asa Crumpler Family, Names are numbered by order of birth
Front row: (9) Arthur, John, Mary, (10) Winnie; Middle row: (6) Lizzie, (7) Emma; Back row: (5) Dan, (4) Frank, (3) Walter, Sam Jarret, (1) Annie [Due to his mother’s death Sam Jarret was raised by the Crumplers.]

Sarah Susan Samuel Crumpley (1826-1910)


The Samuel family goes back to at least 1735 to Anthony Samuel (I) in Caswell County, NC. He married a woman by the name of Anne in 1756. He was a prominent citizen and slave owner. Anthony (I) died in 1782, after being the bondsman for his son's marriage that same year. His wife, Anne, didn't die until July 19, 1825 in Giles County, TN.

Anthony (II), born Oct. 15, 1759, married Ann Merritt Waters, a widow, in 1882. She was born in 1764 and lived until 1852. Anthony (II) inherited a slave, cows and property from his father. He or his father had a 510 acre land grant and this was the basis of his holdings in TN. Later, in the 1890's, both Anthony and his younger brother Benjamin were active in the Giles County militia. Benjamin was a Major and a local hero--that story isn't clear to me, and Anthony was a Captain of militia. Anthony died in Giles County, and is buried in the Samuel cemetery , on March 3, 1823.

Stephen was Anthony (II)'s third child and eldest son, born Feb. 22, 1792. He married Sarah B. Sims (1789-1880?) of Granville County, N.C. The Sims (Syms) family was one of the most prominent families of Granville County. They go back to a Col. George Sims of the British army who was posted in Antigua, British West Indies in the 1650's. His family was raised in Antigua and, after his death, the boys migrated to Virginia and N.C. and established a large estate in Granville County. (The research on the Sims' was done in the 1920's by a descendant who was the President of the American Bar Associaton). Stephen Samuel and Sarah Sims were married in N.C. in 1815, moved to TN and raised their family and moved, probably in response to their children's moves, to Missouri in the 1840's. Their children were: James Bradley, Eliza B., William A., Benjamin B., Nancy P.S., Mary O., Sarah Susan
(my g.g.grandmother), Lucy, and Jane. Both Stephen and Sarah appear in the census records of Greene County, MO until 1880.

Sarah Susan Samuel married William Patrick Crumpley in 1849, after he moved to MO a few years before. William was a giant of a man--military records in the Civil War list him as 6'7" tall and well over 200 lbs. (and he served in the Union army/MO militia as a cavalryman!). The Crumpley's had lived on the Fairview Plantation of Issac Franklin in Sumner County, TN since the 1820's. I speculate that John Crumpler/Crumpley, William's father, was either an overseer or a white laborer on the plantation. When old man Franklin, one of the most notorious slave traders of the region, died in the 1840's, the plantation began to break-up. An incident where a slave beat and killed a white overseer initiated the break-up. It was after this that William, first, and then his parents and other family members moved to MO (Greene County). Tradition has it that all Crumpley men have big hands, feet and ears and are tall and husky. This probably comes from William's mother, Olive O'Neal, who was over six feet tall and well over 200 lbs. She lived until the 1870's. William P. was 6'7"; his son, William Anthony "Wid" (a renowned storyteller in the Ozarks--two books have been written about him or with mention of him), was 6'4"; Luther, his son and my grandfather, was 6'6" and very thin; James William, my father was only six feet tall.

William Joseph Crumpler and his wife Nancy Pruden

crumpler-pruden.jpg (9156 bytes)

Provided by: Caryl Graham, this is her 3rd great grandfather

Josephine Crumpler Edwards


Provided by: Paul Steveson, this is his great grandmother

Fleet Sam Crumpler with his 3rd wife Eliza Jane Merritt
and their children Janie, Letha, and Joe

Sam, Eliza, Janie, Letha, Joe.jpg (329827 bytes)

Provided by: Ellen Grant, great-grandaughter of Fleet Sam.

Does anyone know who these Crumplers are?  We know that Fleet Samuel Crumpler is in here somewhere, but are trying to identify him positively, and find out who the others are.  Theory is that this could be the John S. Crumpler family of Sampson County, NC.  If anyone recognizes any of these people, please  .

John S family_small.jpg (62710 bytes)

Photo provided by Ellen Grant.


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